My Journey Towards Mastering Slot Machines With 918Kiss

Looking through the years, it’s been quite some time since I’ve started playing on 918Kiss and based on the detailed daily spreadsheet that was made. I’m astounded that the returns I have obtained were consistently higher compared to other online gambling sites. 

As you may know, slot machine users will be risking every single credit that they use and that the results are not always fixed. Therefore you may not be able to experience the payout during the initial tries. What people do not realize is that quite a sum of these slot machines are based on a progressive system where they will always reward players based on a calculated sum of rolls.


Where it all began?

When I first started playing slots at a physical casino and minding my own business. The reason I played was because I wasn’t aware of the rules of baccarat or poker. Fortunately, slot machines are very easy to use and it only requires inserting a coin and pulling down the drawbar. Unfortunately, I was losing quite a bit of money as nobody taught me strategies on how to win. I even forgot to take some of my rewards as I thought they would’ve paid everything in full from the machine itself rather than taking the receipt and claiming it from the counter.



The most frustrating part of slot machines is that you’ll never know when you will get any good combinations. Plus, you’d also need to find a good seat check if the original user has gotten any prizes yet. This is hard as there are always people scouting for good seats or seats which users stopped following due to insufficient funds etc… Other than that, the knowledge on which is a progressive slot machine is kept a mystery by the casino operators. Waiting in line for good seats has always frustrated me as there are also a lot of other people eagerly waiting for someone to go off.



Often than not, I’ve also considered quitting slot machines. But every time I have thought of stopping, I’ll give myself 3-5 extra tries before. Most of these will more often than not result in getting the result that I was waiting for. If it does not provide anything at all, I’ll call it quits for the day and start fresh the very next day in the casino. This was way before I used online casinos. Which means that i’ll be paying for both hotel and service fees. The added up cost was way more than I can handle.

Stumbling upon 918Kiss

It was only up until last year that I stumbled upon 918Kiss. This platform gave me an option to play whenever and wherever I want which helped me save tons of money especially from lodging and food. Compared to last time, I only needed to have wifi and a laptop and I’ll be able to access the casino from literally anywhere. Moreover, it was a lot more entertaining and easier to use since it only uses in-game credits and not real chips. However, the best part of using 918Kiss is also their platform’s biggest strength which I will explain below.


Bonuses really helped me achieve my goals

Based on the platform itself, 918Kiss provides a lot of bonuses and sign-in incentives where players may even open a demo account to try out the platform. This has really helped me up my game where i do not need to top-up the system and they’ll even provide free credits to try out their system. 



Since we are not able to visit Genting or foreign countries to play slot machines in, with just internet / wifi connectivity and mobile phone, we will be able to access the 918Kiss platform and try out the demo account. What’s more is that in the event you use our referral link as below, you may even stand a chance to win a very big prize.