Kissing Lady Luck with 918Kiss: Slots and More

If you ask twenty players on which slot machines are the best, chances are that you’ll be bound to get twenty answers that contradict each other. This is because with so many slot machines providers out there, there will need to be a lot of filters so that we can find the best slot games that are suited to the individual. Due to this, i’ll need to remind you that although Lady luck is with you, it may sometimes be counterproductive to push your luck by playing bad games or bad platforms. Based on our personal experience, this article will let you know in detail why 918Kiss to us has been the best platform in terms of Return-To-Player rate (RTP) and security. Then we will also let you know our top few picks for slot machines off the platform.


Returns to Players

If you’ve played slot machines for a long time, you’ll no doubt come across the term RTP. Based on various professional judgement, they will only focus on the factor of spinning that determines the rate. However, a lot of them forget to take into consideration the bonuses and promotions that are constantly there throughout the months from welcoming bonuses when players sign in, free spins, additional bonuses when reloading, birthday rewards and much more. With all these combined, the actual RTP rate will be through the roof. For players who have used the platform for a long time, there area also various loyalty incentives and daily attendance rewards that will give you an edge in gaming.


Safety & Security

As a platform that is licensed by both the Curaçao Gaming Control board and the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, the platform goes through a multitude of auditing from both financial aspects and also their system and platform so that it is regularly updated and maintained. This level of guarantee will keep your hard earned cash safe within the system and also little to no problems when cashing out. We have also tried contacting their dispute resolution centre and they have provided top-notch quality services and most of the disputes are handled professionally. Most of their disputes are settled in less than a day’s time.


Games in the platform

From prominent game developers such as Microgaming, Joker and Playtech, one of the latest offering includes Wizard’s Ring, Easter surprise, Phoenix and many more. As these developers are public listed Companies, the software designed are bound to be legitimate and includes a top-notch Random-Number-Generator (RNG) machine that lets you experience the thrills of slots with randomized outcome similar to those found in Vegas. However, for those who may have played a bit too much slots, there are also other offerings such as fishing games, live table card games and many more. All of which uses a credit system of the platform that is transferable from game to game.



With the abundant option and many exciting offers, try 918Kiss and we promise that you’ll be satisfied with all their options. You can even get a sign-up bonus by using the referral link below: