On the internet, some people will claim that the reason why they do not engage in any activity associated with online casinos is due to the rumor that these online casinos, despite being as reputable as it is, are somehow rigged. This statement is both baseless and stupid. Today, we will put to rest the long standing rumor about how the slot games at famous online casinos such as 918kiss are rigged such that the player will always play at a loss.


First off, to understand an online casino is to understand how the game in the online casino operates, and this can be done by understanding what are random number generators, abbreviated as RNG henceforth. Random number generators is a tool designed to generate a sequence of numbers at random, this is done by the algorithm in a controlled environment. This type of random number is used in video games to assess the likelihood of various events occurring, such as hitting a critical hit or snatching a valuable uncommon item. Random number generation is used in a large number of current slot games  that it is considered as an essential part of the entire slot game system. The use of a random number generator is not only limited to slot games only. Outside of online casinos, rhythm games are excellent examples of this.



918Kiss has established a solid reputation through years of dedication, and the company has thousands of devoted consumers from all around Singapore and Malaysia as a result. If they’re ever found rigging a game, they’ll lose everything, including their good reputation and thousands of devoted consumers, in a matter of weeks. It is likely that their whole company and earnings would be ruined since no one would want to gamble at a casino that is known for fixing games.

There is no need to be concerned since 918Kiss is committed to fair play in order to give its players an exceptional and seamless casino gaming and gambling experience.


No, Slot games are absolutely not rigged at all! This is especially true when it comes to a famous and trusted online casino such as 918kiss. The statement that 918Kiss games are fair are not only limited to our slot games, but all of our large variety of games as well including roulette, poker and so much more. This is due to the fact that 918Kiss is an internationally registered casino, and all of its gaming software, payment gateways, and security systems have been reviewed and approved by the relevant licensing authorities.


One the other hand, we should note that all online casinos definitely have an advantage over each of the players participating in their games. This advantage, in industrial terms, is what we call a ‘house edge’. Online casinos having a house edge is normal because this ensures that the host of the game can always lean slightly on the winning side of a game, this, in the long run, helps generate the necessary profit for the operation of said online casino. The fact that a house edge exists does not imply that players will always lose when playing online casino games. In this case, we can deduce that since the 918Kiss casino already has the house edge which equals to profit to the online casino for upkeep and daily operations, there will be no incentive to damage their image by rigging any casino game and drive away their fans just to earn some extra few bucks. If you examine it that way, the rumor that 918kiss is rigged is completely baseless. To learn more, visit our online casino site today.