How To Win At Top Gun Online Slots | 918kiss

The Top Gun slot game has been the top trending topic of the week, with its concurrent players charting at a peak of 8,000 just last monday. Top Gun is an action based online slot game that is based on the action film with the same name, movie lovers will find this faithful video game adaptation to be an exciting and addicting online slot game experience. The Top Gun film is a 80’s film that just understands what makes people’s hearts throb in that era, now the slot game is finally playable at 918kiss.

Many of the film’s aspects are included into the game. The absence of Maverick is regrettable, but the other character symbols have been well-done. The Top Gun slot’s aesthetics are impressive, especially considering how old it is.

If you’re looking to try out the Top Gun online video slot this week, why not read some of our tips on how to consistently win at this online slot game?


Why Choose Top Gun?

First off, why choose Top Gun as your go to online slot game at 918kiss? Statistics have shown us that online slot machines games at our online casino with bigger payouts for players are generally more popular, Top Gun is no exception. The payback percentage is no doubt the most crucial factor for players of all kinds, for Top Gun, the RTP charts at over 95%, this is amazing news. Despite the fact that the number of extras available in Top Gun isn’t large, there are enough modifications and features to keep things interesting. Dogfight Wilds and a free spins feature with additional wild bonuses are among the features available. These bonus features at Top Gun are something all players should look out for if they want to win it big at Top Gun, here’s why:


Dogfight Wilds

The Dogfight Wilds feature is here to help players enjoy and achieve a winning spin with ease when playing the Top Gun slot game. It is absolutely critical for players to understand this feature so that they can master the game. The Dogfight Wilds feature can appear on any spin at random and can be triggered at any time. Your wingman flies onto the screen and unleashes a barrage of missiles at the enemy. Whenever a missile strikes a spot in the game grid, that position is transformed into a wild. Once the feature is active, any number of symbol locations between 1 and 15 can go wild. Following that, with all of the freshly added wilds in place, a payment calculation is performed.

Danger Zone Free Games

It is possible to land the fighter jet scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 on the same spin when playing Top Gun’s Danger Zone Free Games. After that, you’ll get to enjoy eight free spins. As a result, the Dogfight Wilds are multiplied throughout the free spins phase, giving players even more opportunity to hit more wilds and form large winning combos.


With these two features, the Top Gun slot game becomes an online video slot game that can be easily conquered even by beginner players. Try it out to day and win it big at 918kiss!