If you have ever gone on a quest, searching for the best slot games provider or platform n the Internet, then may have come across the 96slots platform, or might have found the name somewhere. One of the best destinations for online slot gaming on the Internet is 96slots, and it provides its players with an excellent gaming experience. Its players and users love playing on the site, and this earned it a nickname, ‘The Gaming Paradise’. And now, we are happy to announce to you, that the world-famous 96slots have undergone a rebranding and upgrading exercise recently on their site, and is now officially named and known as Maxim88.

On the Maxim88 site, you can rest assured that you would find that its the same high quality service and immersive slot games that you have always enjoyed, while previously gaming on 96slots. Actually, you can think of Maxim88 as a fully enhanced, upgraded, and polished version of 96slots, where you can enjoy a better gaming experience in terms of design, number of games, and much more. Players from all over the world are welcome to try it out. And you don’t have to take our word for it, just check out these featured slot games of the month and see for yourself:


  1. Chinese Lion

The name ‘Chinese Lion’ is synonymous with a mythological Chinese creature referred to as Nian. It is a beast that arrives with good fortune wherever it goes. The Chinese Lion is a prosperous slot game, and it displays an exciting golden hue during its gameplay, and the Chinese community loves it. There’s probably nothing more satisfyingly exciting  than playing in a game that seems molded from pure gold! Go ahead and attempt to tame the beast right now as you play the Chinese Lion on Maxim88. It is available on iOS and Android smartphones.


  1.   7 Crazy (4/5 rating)

7 Crazy, or 7 Crazy slot, is a slot game that is simple and effective. It is easy to learn an easy to play; its friendly design gives a welcoming, pleasant sensation to the eyes. It doesn’t feature, or require any over-the-top techniques or gameplay complications. Only one thing is needful; place your bets, select the Spin button and the game will finish the rest. It brungs a relaxing, yet interesting gaming appeal that is characteristic of high quality, minimalist slot games.


  1.   African Wildlife

If you are a lover of animals, then you would know that African Wildlife could make a delightful, engaging sight. All kinds of animals are featured in this game, including the ones you’ve seen in a zoo, and also those that you’ve probably never seen before! The African Wildlife gameplay is absolutely interactive and fun, giving you a spin and sightseeing experience like no other. The game was developed for lovers of animals, gamers who have a thing for exotic sights, and other regular players who would love that meditative feeling that you get in the wild lands.


  1. 8-ball Slots (5/5 rating)

When all is said and done, you can’t beat the classics. Since the dawn of the gaming industry, the 8-ball slots have always been a part of it. It has an evergreen format, with a minimalist, iconic, and pool-inspired aesthetics. Its gameplay graphics have been improved and upgraded over the years, making it much better than before. You could even say that the 8-ball slot version on Maxim88 is a mastered version; check it out and see it for yourself!


  1. Aladdin Wishes (4/5 Rating)

Aladdin Wishes is a mystical yet familiar game, and it is based on the prominent tales in the 1001 Arabian Nights fable collection. Players are taken to a wonderland of flying carpets and genies. You’ve read or heard the story, and you’ve seen the movie as well, so now its time to enjoy the fantasy in a slot game. Every theme from the classic story is featured on Aladdin’s Wishes, and it is both fascinating and enchanting. Aladdin’s Wishes takes the excitement of slot gaming to a whole new level, and presently, it is available on Maxim88!


These games that have been mentioned above are available and playable on Maxim88, and is fully designed and tailored for iOS and Android users. The gaming experience on Maxim88 is fast-paced, smooth, awesome, controlled and uninterrupted. Its gaming requirements are nothing much, and yet its performance is top-notch. You may not find another gaming platform like Maxim88, because it offers you the richest selection of slot games on the Internet. Thanks to the world-famous game developers such as Playtech, 918kiss, Mega888, Asia Gaming, Gameplay Interactive, and several others. Every player is guaranteed a great time,  with engaging and profitable slot games which offer you a worthy challenge, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Fishing games, live table games, such as poker, baccarat and sport betting are not left out; Maxim88 has got it all. All you need do is make a choice and start gaming right away. Log on to today to learn more, or create an account.